The world is a strange and fascinating place, but there’s nothing in it that Christians should be afraid to explore.

Derek and Sharon Gilbert are husband and wife authors, analysts, and hosts of the weekly program Unraveling Revelation and a weekly Bible study podcast, the Gilbert House Fellowship, in addition to The Bible’s Greatest Mysteries.

Sharon K. Gilbert is the author of the popular Redwing Saga series of supernatural fiction, as well as the novels Winds of EvilThe Armageddon Strain, and the non-fiction book Ebola and the Fourth Horseman of the Apocalypse.

Derek P. Gilbert is the host of Five in Ten for SkyWatchTV and the author of The Second Coming of SaturnThe Great InceptionLast Clash of the TitansBad Moon Rising, and co-author with Josh Peck of The Day the Earth Stands Still.

Together, the Gilberts have co-authored the groundbreaking books Giants, Gods, and Dragons and Veneration.