SkyWatch TV’s Tour of Turkey

Some of the most significant events in Bible history (and prophecy) are located in Turkey.

Doug Hershey, founder of Ezra Adventures and author of the best-selling books Israel Rising and Jerusalem Rising, will join us on our tour of Turkey October 18-November 3, 2022, including the churches of Revelation, Göbekli Tepe, Abraham’s home city Harran, and more. Doug shares his impressions of Turkey, the people, and the sites that he finds most exciting and powerfully moving.

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  • Neil Slater

    Hello. I already booked a flight to Turkey before I heard about this tour but, coincidentally?, I will be in the country at the same time. I will arrive on the 13th and plan to go to Georgia on November 5. So my question is, would it be possible to join the tour for a reduced rate without the airfare? But also, an even lower cost if I arrange my own lodging? You see I am a veteran that only receives a $1249 /mo pension and so travel for me is a matter of eating Raman soups for a couple of months just for the airfare. I’m going to Turkey and Georgia because the cost of food and lodging is low. I’m a devout Christian with a strong interest in biblical prophecy. Please consult with the Holy Spirit about whether you should allow me on this trip at a rate I can afford. Thank you very much..I realize that it is a business with limited space on the tour, so I expect that it will not be possible. But, we know that with God anything is possible, so who knows.

    Sincerely in Jesus, Neil Slater

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